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With paging remaining a mainstay of many communication systems, you’ll be happy to know that at CommSystems we can offer full support and integration possibilities for your networks. We look forward to advising you on the best ways forward for your paging needs. Our engineering team draw on their experience and expertise to identify the best products for your exact communication network needs. They are able to provide custom systems including Salcom products as well as provision of spares and parts for expansion of existing networks. We’re also happy to answer any specific product enquiries.

Salcom has been entrusted many times to protect people’s lives by providing reliable radio hardware and software for Fire, Ambulance, Hospital and Police services. The same dependable products used for these systems are also used for solutions in irrigation, water and sewage control/telemetry, security, industrial control, lighting and many more. Products designed to save lives need to offer super-dependable performance for many years in any application.

The Selcom range covers 12-38-0000 transceiver is capable of accurate control and telemetry over long distances. Designed to be used in hostile environments it can withstand temperature extremes as well as being resilient to electrical noise often found in industrial plants. The transceiver, along with its integrated input/output interface, is designed for the control and telemetry of industrial machines with high accuracy and speed.

The on-board SD card is used to store the configuration of the unit for easy swap-out, and can be also store log and audio wave files. The unit could be made to respond to an event by seizing a radio channel and broadcasting the wave file audio. Anyone carrying a radio transceiver could receive the message. The 12-38-0000 is a 5 watt analogue transceiver with POCSAG capability for both transmitting and receiving and comes in two variants, a VHF (136-174 MHz) or UHF (440-470 MHz). All parameters are programmable such as frequency, power output, deviation, POCSAG data transmission, etc..

The USB port, or the RS232 serial port, can be used to initiate paging transmissions using the SALCOM proprietary protocol, Paging Entry Protocol (PET) or Telocator Alphanumeric Protocol (TAP) PG1 protocol.

Download 12-38-0000 VHF/UHF Transceiver Sheet

Users who are unfamiliar with the system are guided through the process by electronically recorded voice prompts. Experienced operators can shortcut the process by entering the appropriate key sequence without waiting for the prompts. Normal pager and pre-defined message calls (previously programmed into the paging transmitter) are simple to generate from a standard telephone by following the voice prompts.

The 12-36-0000 is pre-programmed with English (default), Spanish and French voice files. Using 12-36-0000 configuration software it is possible to select a custom voice file option and upload user generated wave files (.wav). The speed at which the 12-36-0000 answers the call is configurable. Installation is a straight-forward process involving plugging the 12-36 into the phone jack socket and connecting the unit to a Salcom paging transmitter using a supplied cable. The 12-36 is housed in an attractive, durable extruded aluminium case with provision on the base plate for wall mounting.

Download Paging Telephone Voice Interface Sheet

The 11-85 is a compact paging transmitter suitable for hand-held or wall mounted use. Each button on the unit can be programmed with a message. Pressing a button will transmit the message associated with that button to a pocket pager where it will display on the screen. The units are available on VHF and UHF versions.

Transmitters configured to send paging messages can be utilized in a wide variety of applications such as personal and commercial security, medical alert, paging in restaurants and bistros, and customer assistance in supermarkets or hardware stores.

Control applications
The 11-85 can also be programmed to send control instructions to specialized paging receivers capable of controlling relays. Using this product combination the transmitter can be used for remote machinery control. The Salcom 12-88 and 12-84E are examples of relay receivers. One, two and four button units, four additional digital inputs are available for use as required.

The transmitters can be programmed to suit application requirements using Salcom product support software and the accompanying programming adaptor.

A front panel LED indicates when the transmitter is operating. A user-replaceable 9V alkaline battery gives a life of hundreds of transmissions with a range of up to 500 metres.
Download Pocket Paging Sheet

The Salcom 12-49 Store and Forward Unit is designed to receive and repeat POCSAG paging transmissions to increase the range of a paging network. It may be deployed as a VHF or a UHF unit by selection of the appropriate RF modules. The 12-49 is a composite system comprising of two, or optionally three separate Salcom products, 12-84 Receiver, 12-62 Transmitter and 11-54 or 11-99 Power amplifier options. Specifications for the individual products apply for the 12-49 specifications. These are all fitted inside a single standard 19 inch rack mount case, 1 Rack Unit (RU) high. The default 12-49 is equipped with the standard receiver and 4W transmitter.

For VHF paging band use, the product version is the 12-49-0150, and with the optional 25W power amplifier fitted, the12-49-5150. For UHF paging band use, the product version is the 12-49-0450, and with the optional 25W power amplifier fitted, the 12-49-5450. For details of the 12-62 Transmitter’s and 12-84 Receiver’s operation refer to their manuals also available on this website.

Operating over a frequency range of 400-440MHz and 450-500MHz, the Salcom 11-99 Power Amplifier provides up to 25 Watts of power from a 4 Watt input. The 11-99 covers the full switching bandwidth without retuning with 20 Watts minimum output. The power sense operates with a minimum of 1 Watt input and switches both the power and aerial relays. It will operate satisfactorily with as little as 1 Watt input power, where it will give approximately 10 Watts out.

A 2dB 50Ω input matching pad allows for connection to a wide range of driving devices without the risk of instability. In the receive mode, the 11-99 will pass a receive signal with less than 2dB attenuation. The high pass filter is in circuit in the receive mode. The three stage aerial filter attenuates spurious emissions to less than -30dBm. The 11-99 is protected against accidental power connection reversal. The green LED operates at all times with the power connected, and the red transmit LED operates only when the 11-99 is switched to the transmit mode.
Download Power Amplifier Sheet


Salcom's expertise is knowing how to get a radio signal from A to B, whether the distance is 100 metres or 100 kilometres. Deriving from Tait Radio Communications, the iconic and global New Zealand communications company, Salcom still has 3 of Tait’s founding engineers involved in the business, along with two other ex-Tait team members on its management team. After 40 years in business and having exported products to most parts of the world, Salcom has both knowledge and experience in just about every aspect of radio communications, from emergency marine beacons to airport runway light control and most things in between.

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