Antennas, Masts and Towers

Antennas, Masts and Towers

CommSystems antenna partner RFI utilises the latest in antenna design software, specialised test equipment, industry-leading experience and a flexible production environment to create best-in-class products across the diversity of wireless markets – including two-way radio, mobile data and paging, cellular, wireless LAN and industrial products.

RFI’s comprehensive range of antennas caters to frequencies from 27MHz to 5800MHz, and with their thorough understanding of complex network design architectures, PIM, PIP and RF propagation characteristics and the myriad of other parameters that determine antenna suitability has enabled them to produce an antenna product range unmatched in its excellence.

Key Product Range

  • Adjustable Ground Plane
  • Coaxial Dipole
  • Side Mount Dipole
  • Dipole Array
  • Combination Array
  • Collinear
  • Yagi
  • Panel Antennas
  • Wireless Broadband
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Towers and Masts

At CommSystems we know that no two communications towers are alike. Each project is shaped by the specific requirements of the structure's location, and how climate, topography, wind speed characteristics need to be accommodated in the recommended design solution.

In conjunction with our supply partner Flight we have the combined experienced to design, create, test and modify a solution then prove its specification before manufacturing commences. Flight manufacture - Standard specification and heavy duty free standing towers, Guyed masts, Telescopic wind-up masts, Mounts and brackets.


RFI have been supporting Australian and International customers with unique base station antenna designs since 1979. With the evolution of wireless communications the demand for high performance antennas remains foremost to ensuring the optimum performance of your wireless network, no matter how big or small.


Flight was founded in 1915 as a family owned tooling manufacturer. Since then, the business has evolved and expanded to meet the changing needs of clients across Australia, and increasingly around the world.

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