Microwave & Radio Links for
Airports & Transportation

Communications for your whole site and beyond.

Modern transport systems and airports may make the world a smaller place; but your own site, your base of operations is often a geographically large operational area.

It’s not uncommon for buildings and structures to be separated by large distances. More essential services now depend on cloud-based connectivity and it isn’t always feasible to have wired connections across an entire airfield or have enough bandwidth within your wired infrastructure to support your needs. Additionally, travellers now expect uncompromised connectivity throughout every terminal building. Providing high speed wireless connectivity has become essential.

Using point to point links will provide high data speeds exactly where you need them, which in turn extends your core infrastructure and improves resilience. Using point to point infrastructure to support your two-way communication system can provide extended coverage by linking repeater sites.

CommSystems can provide a wide range of solutions to deal with any connectivity need as well as extending radio systems and providing data collection through SCADA solutions.

Products to put information in your hands

Our engineering team draw on their experience and expertise to identify the best products for your exact communication network needs. They are able to provide custom systems including Aviat, 4RF and MiMOMax products as well as provision of spares and parts for expansion of existing networks. We’re also happy to answer any specific product enquiries.

Technical experience and local knowledge

Working with a broad range of clients across the region we’ve got in depth engineering knowledge coupled with a precise understanding of the region’s needs.

Here to realise your plans

We understand that your plans may not be met with an off the shelf solution. We’ve the hardware and software knowledge to customise the manufacturer’s original designs.

A wide range of technology

From two way radio at every scale right through to Microwave & Radio Links and systems integration we can serve your business and meet its changing needs.

The right solution every time

We work with a range of manufacturers to enable us to offer solutions at every scale and we understand those products thoroughly.

Communication networks; designed for you, built by us and supporting your business into the future.