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DMR Tier 2 and Tier 3 Communications

Our engineering team draw on their experience and expertise to identify the best products for your exact communication network needs. They are able to provide custom systems including Tait DMR products as well as provision of spares and parts for expansion of existing networks. We’re also happy to answer any specific product enquiries.

DMR, Digital Mobile Radio, is born from the need to modernise existing analogue systems used by business (or private mobile) radio. It is maintained under the DMR standard established by ETSI, European Telecommunications Standards Institute, first published in 2005. DMR is an open standard, adopted all around the world and has more than three million subscribers with many more still joining. Working to this standard ensures compatibility between manufacturers and systems. DMR enables migration from business (private mobile) radio into the existing 12.5 KHz spectrum, it doubles capacity by offering two digital channels, known as two time slots, using TDMA, Time Division Multiple Access.

TAIT DMR TP9300 Portables - Quad Mode Functionality

The TP9300 is a tough portable radio for mission critical communications. Supporting multiple DMR and analog modes, safety-enhancing features, and a rugged, robust design, the TP9300 is engineered to meet the standards of the most demanding industries. With four different operating modes — trunked DMR (Tier 3), conventional DMR (Tier 2), full MPT 1327 and conventional FM — this portable will truly future proof your communications needs.

The TP9300 is built for rugged conditions. Your people need a radio that won't fail them, no matter what the environment. Every Tait Portable is proven to meet Military Standards 810C, D, E, F, and G. Standard TP9300 portables are IP68 and IP65 rated dust-proof, immersible, resistant to water jets and and can survive countless drops onto concrete.

Enhanced Vocoder for call clarity
The TP9300 is equipped with an enhanced vocoder that ensures your message will be communicated clearly, even in a noisy environment. Regardless of wind, equipment, or large groups, you can have confidence that you will be heard.

Man Down
Should someone fall and get hurt, the control center will immediately be notified. An accelerometer recognizes if the TP9300 changes position, and after a few seconds without change a warning will sound. You can save lives by dramatically improving response time if, for any reason, your people fall and cannot call for help.

Full Interoperability
Because DMR is an open standard, you can enjoy choice and interoperability. Tait DMR portables will typically work with your current DMR network or infrastructure. Whatever your existing business systems, CommSystems can help you create a unified critical communications network. Multi-vendor solutions have been known to save as much as 30% of an organization's budget.

Ease of Migrationy
Upgrading a radio network can be so difficult that utility radio networks often remain unchanged for 15 to 20 years. But inevitably, technological and regulatory advances will drive your decision to replace the network. Thanks to quad-mode functionality, Tait has made migration easier than ever before. Since the TP9300 can run in analog mode, you can replace your old system with your new one at a pace that suits your needs.

(TP9361) Globally recognized Intrinsically Safe
The TP9361 portable is designed and tested to meet global IS standards, ensuring safe operation in hazardous environments. It is made in the internationally recognized blue color for Intrinsically Safe portables, ensuring instant recognition in the field.

Integrated GPS
Each portable is equipped with location service ability. That means you'll never need to worry about being lost or left behind. Caught in a storm? Control Center will know exactly where you are and where to send help.

Frequency Bands
VHF: 136-174MHz,
UHF: 320-380MHz (G1), 400-470MHz (H5), 450-520MHz (H7),
700/800: 757-870MHz,
900: 896-941MHz

The Toughest Portables in the Industry
Military Standards for high humidity, sand & dust, vibration, shock, rain, solar radiation, and more. IP65 spray proof and IP68 waterproof casing. Operating temperature of 14ºF to 140ºF (-10ºC to 60ºC).

Output Power
5W, 3W, 2.5W, 2W, and 1W options depending on Frequency

1,500 channels / 26 zones for TP9300 and 16 channels / 1 zone for TP9310

TAIT TP3000 Portables - Available in DMR Tier 2 and analog

The TP3 series offers edgy design, maximum flexibility, and the best value for money. Available in DMR Tier 2 and analog, this ergonomic radio gives you the power and flexibility to choose the color, display, keypad, and labels for each radio. Standard features in the TP3350 like Bluetooth®, GPS, and Man Down place this radio in a class of its own when it comes to value.

Maximum Flexibility
No DMR Tier 2 radio gives you more choice than the TP3. Multiple bands, colors, displays, and keypads are available, plus there is plenty of space for personalized labels. You can choose and design a radio that is unique to your organization, talk groups, or even specific individuals.

Integrated GPS
The TP3350 model is equipped with location services. That means you'll never need to worry about being lost or left behind. Caught in a storm? Control Center will know exactly where you are and where to send help.

Voice Annunciation
Keep your eyes up and focused on the task at hand while changing channels or features with the voice annunciation capabilities. The loud and clear voice will give your users confidence their radio is set up and functioning correctly.

Man Down
The TP3350 model comes with Man Down as standard. Should someone fall and get hurt, the control center will immediately be notified. An accelerometer recognizes if the portable changes position, and after a few seconds without change a warning will sound. You can save lives by dramatically improving response time if, for any reason, your people fall and cannot call for help.

Color Display
The edgy design of the 4-Key and 16-key models includes a 160x128 pixel, 1.77" color display. You can personalize the power-up display to contain your logo, radio ID, assigned owner, or any other image. The display can be used to select from the 2000 channels, for text messages, caller ID, or identifying talk groups.

The Ability to Change
Suppose you select orange radios with 4-key keypads, but a year later realize you need some of those radios to be green and have 16-key keypads. With the TP3, this is no problem. Your radio provider can easily and quickly change the cover and keypad at any point, ensuring you maximize the value and don’t waste your initial investment.

Frequency Bands
VHF: 136-174MHz (future release),
UHF1: 400-480MHz,
UHF2: 450-520MHz (future release)

Tait Tough
Designed to Military Standards for Humidity, Vibration, and Shock IP67 Dust and Waterproof

Output Power
5W, 4W, and 1W options depending on Frequency

2,000 Channels for 4-key and 16-key radios 32 Channels for 0-Key Radio

Height: 5 inches (127mm)
Width: 2.2 inches (58mm)
Depth 1.3 inches (34mm)

DMR TM9300 Mobile Radio - Quad Mode Functionality

Tait DMR mobile radios are designed for use in challenging conditions and offer industry-leading digital voice and data, superb usability, and secure communications. Tait mobiles are available with a wide range of features, offering mission critical organizations improved safety and efficiency. The Tait TM9300 is a high-performing, flexible and robust mobile radio that delivers high quality audio and intuitive operation to users around the world. Multiple modes of operation include trunked DMR, conventional DMR, MPT 1327, and conventional FM. Supercharge your communications with UnifyVehicle, available on the TM9300.

Increased Worker Safety
Worker safety is the top priority for our customers, which is why Lone Worker is standard on every TM9300. Emergency calls have priority access to the network, and crystal-clear voice helps users to understand each other. GPS and Location Services give dispatch the knowledge of where to send help when it's needed, and send it fast.

Increased Business Efficiency
The voice and data capabilities of the TM9300 provide many avenues for improving efficiency. Send short, pre-defined data messages for location or status. Location Services helps you pinpoint the location of a problem and find nearby staff who can help, improving response time.

Quad-Mode for a simple migration
Each TM9300 is capable of four different modes: Analog Conventional, MPT-1327, DMR Tier 2, and DMR Tier 3. This makes the migration process easier than ever before - start migrating by installing TM9300s that operate in analog mode. Once your DMR network is built, each TM9300 can easily switch to digital.

Tait UnifyVehicle Ready
Both new and existing TM9300s can be upgraded with UnifyVehicle, which loads your mobile radio with more computing power, WiFi, wireless broadband, and more. Increase productivity and safety with more connectivity, powerful new applications, and comprehensive APIs

A range of configurable models and accessories
The TM9300 has a range of control heads, including a Hand Held Control Head or a Graphical Control Head (single or dual). Each option is capable of local or remote operation. There are also multiple color options, to make it easier for workgroups to identify the right equipment.

Tait Tough
The TM9300 has a rugged build with an IP54 rating, water-resistant control head, and exceeds relevant MIL-STD-810G tests for vibration, shock, humidity, and more.

Frequency Bands
VHF 136-174MHz
UHF 320-380MHz (G1), UHF 400-470MHz (H5), UHF 450-520MHz (H7),
700/800MHz from 757-870MHz, and 900MHz from 896-941MHz.

Tait Tough
Military Standards for high humidity, sand & dust, vibration, shock, rain, solar radiation, and more. IP54 Water resistant casing. Operating temperature of 22ºF to 140ºF (-30ºC to 60ºC).

Output Power
25W and High Power Models Available

Talk Groups
26 talk group lists comprised of up to 1,000 - 2,000 members each

1,500 channels / 26 zones for TM9300 and 100 channels / 1 zone for TM9315

TB9300 - IP connected, digital base station for DMR Tier 2 or Tier 3 networks

The Tait TB9300 is an IP connected, digital base station for DMR Tier 2 (conventional) or Tier 3 (trunked) networks. Their functionality allows for flexible network designs and easy migration paths from analog networks to DMR. These spectrally efficient base stations provide a 6.25kHz equivalent operation using 2 x TDMA channels in one 12.5kHz channel, giving you greater capacity now and providing a future path for expansion.

Smooth Migration
Tait has the best migration stories around. The TB9300 operates in multiple modes, including Analog Conventional, MPT-1327, DMR Tier 2, and DMR Tier 3. You can install the base station to operate on your existing network today, and then upgrade with ease when ready.

Operational efficiency
The TB9300 provides operational efficiencies through remote network management and IP connectivity capabilities, which includes alarm monitoring and reporting, inbuilt diagnostics, and remote software downloads. It also supports packet data over traffic channels for Workforce Management, Telemetry, SCADA and other applications.

Receiver Performance
The TB9300 offers exceptional receiver performance and exceeds or matches all other DMR base stations on the market for sensitivity, selectivity and intermodulation performance. This means that the user gets extended talk-in (uplink) range as well as significantly increased resistance to interference for clearer, more consistent audio.

The remote network management is utilized with built-in secure https web server and SNMPV3 support. The TB9300 also offers enhanced security through password protection and access level control on the web server. Multiple user accounts with varying access can be maintained, and audit and system logs can be retained.

Resilient, reliable communications
To give you confidence in your communications in even the most challenging environments, the TB9300 is rated for continuous full output power and ensures continuity of operation with smart AC/DC management. With support for up to two base station software releases, it gives you the ability to roll-back software updates. Like all Tait products, it's built Tait Tough and meets relevant MIL-STD-810G test methods.

Easy to Maintain
The modular design of the TB9300 allows cost-effective deployment, maintenance, and upgrades. It is software configurable, including feature upgrades through software licenses, and software upgrades can add new features and functionalities to ensure that your DMR solution is kept up to date with the ever-changing needs of your organization's environment.

Frequency Bands
VHF: 136-156MHz (B2), 148-174MHz (B3), 216-225MHz (C3) 100W only
UHF: 330-380MHz (G4) 50W only, 400-440MHz (H1), 440-480MHz (H2), 470-520MHz (H3)
700/800MHz: Tx:762-870MHz Rx: 794-824MHz (K4), Tx: 757-758MHz Rx:787-788MHz (K8) 100W only
900MHz: Tx: 927-941 MHz Rx: 896-902 MHz (L2) 100W only

Tait Tough
Military Standards for altitude, humidity, vibration and shock. Operating temperature of -22º to 140ºF (-30º to 60ºC).

Output Power
50W - Programmable 5-50W
100W - Programmable 10-100W

Talk Groups
26 talk group lists comprised of up to 1,000 - 2,000 members each

15.8D x 19W x 7H inches (400 x 483 x 177mm) - 4U rack space
Weight: Single 50W at 47.4lb (21.5kg),
Single 100W at 50.3lb (22.8kg), and Dual 50W at 63.1lb (28.6kg)

TB7300 - IP connected, digital base station for DMR Tier 2 or Tier 3 networks

The Tait TB7300 is a software flexible, rugged base station/repeater for DMR Tier 3 and DMR Tier 2 systems, or Analog repeaters. The TB7300 integrates seamlessly with the proven Tait 9300 series high performance base station. Its slim, 1U design forms part of an intelligent building block of an end-to-end network solution, which includes base stations, terminals and Tait network management software applications.

Conveniently Compact
The slim 1U TB7300 is easy to transport and install; an ideal choice when space for RF equipment is limited. It operates as an analog or DMR repeater, and is an economical solution with real estate savings.

High Performance
The TB7300 is a Base station/Repeater with a high performance Base Station receiver. Your organization will enjoy excellent audio quality when transmitting and receiving audio. Like our other products, it is engineered to the Tait Tough quality and performance.

Future Proof
The TB7300 has a powerful processing engine, designed to meet future needs. It supports road-mapping and regular firmware updates, as well as easy remote updating.

A future-defensive investment
The TB7300 is a cost-effective base station/repeater that can operate in DMR Tier 2 mode, with two available voice channels, or DMR Tier 3 single-site trunking mode for even better resource management. It also supports analog conventional mode (repeater only). You can change from one mode of operation to another, providing you with the upgrade flexibility should this be required in the future.

Network Data Services
The TB7300 supports current and future data services, embedded location data, and short data messages for location, status and text. It also increases efficiency by supporting packet data for workforce management, Telemetry, SCADA and customer specific applications.

Efficient power consumption
The TB7300 operates with reduced power demand and is very efficient in the Tait Tier 2 Multisite System with Tait terminals.

Integrated solution component
The Tait TB7300 is an element of global network architecture, and part of a TN9300 system. It supports all major expected features, including TaitEnable suite, the 9300 series equipment, all Tait DMR partner solutions (dispatch consoles/voice recorders, location solutions, multi-network connectivity and many others.)

Frequency Bands
VHF: 148 - 174 MHz
UHF: 400-470MHz and 470-520MHz

Tait Tough
Military Standards for altitude, humidity, vibration and shock. Operating temperature of -22º to 140ºF (-30º to 60ºC).

Output Power
VHF: Programmable 2 - 50W
UHF: Programmable 2 - 40W

Dimensions: (DxWxH)
15.8 x 19 x 1.7in (400 x 483 x 44mm) 1U Rack Space
Weight lb (kg) 14.8lb (6.7kg)


TN9300 Tier 2 and Tier 3 Network

Conventional Networks Tait DMR Tier 2 conventional network solution brings exceptional critical communications capability to your organization. Our offering provides greater capacity, a lower total cost of operation, as well as a seamless evolution path to DMR Tier 3 trunking when your operations expand.

Trunked Networks Tait DMR Tier 3 is a trunked digital communications platform that delivers workforce efficiencies and operational benefits for mission critical users. Many digital radio technologies carry both voice and data. Tait DMR Tier 3 gives you a powerful combination of flexibility, control and resiliency.

Robust, reliable networks
We design, build and test DMR networks to the highest quality standards. Engineered with our Tait Tough hardware and combined with a resilient infrastructure.

Open standards commitment
We are committed to DMR open-standards, which ensure opportunities for multi-vendor solutions with standardized interfaces.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership
The highly flexible and scalable designs of the Tait nodes allow your organization to deploy a cost-effective infrastructure that meets your communication and operational needs both now and in the future. Large DMR networks are scalable up to 20 nodes and 1000RF channels.

Efficient, mission critical communications
Remote management features allow for greater operational efficiency, and Mission Critical Data (SCADA & Telemetry in DMR Tier 3) enable you to get more out of your network.

Modes of operation
DMR Tier 3 Trunking Mode

Interfaces supported

Output Power
25W and High Power Models Available

Total number of radios supported

Number of sites/channels per system
Supports up to 250 physical sites/1,000 Physical channels (2,000 logical channels). One or two control channels per site

Subscriber management
Add/remove single/multiple subscribers
Customize call type permissions
Add/remove multiple talkgroups
Add a broadcast call group
Add a system call group

Modes of operation
DMR Tier 2 Conventional Mode

Interfaces supported
AIS, PSTN/PABX, Voice Recorder

Number of sites/channels per system
Supports up to 20 sites/40 RF physical channels (80 logical channels)

Tait GridLink A Combined Voice and SCADA Network

Total grid visibility dramatically reduces truck rolls. Utility organizations recognize the benefits of Distribution Automation: improving efficiency, optimized incident response, reduced system downtime. What smart utilities are also realizing is that all these business changing benefits can be efficiently delivered across the entire grid over a Tait DMR radio network. While the benefits of distribution automation are clear, it is rarely used in rural or suburban areas due to the high cost of rolling out hard wired solutions, such as fibre optics. Cellular coverage is too spotty in low population areas and can fail during emergency or weather events. To deploy Distribution Automation over a wide area, electric utilities need a bearer that can cover long distances affordably and at the same time provide mission-critical reliability.

Tait Gridlink solves both of these problems. This innovative solution utilizes the mission critical, trunked voice and data DMR network. This means it offers excellent and extensive coverage at a very low cost and it is built with resiliency at its core.

One network for voice and SCADA
Traditionally, voice and data communications have been delivered over separate networks. Network managers have accepted this duplication and the associated costs as necessary because of a lack of alternatives and the incremental nature of communication deployments. The effectiveness of any Distribution Automation solution depends on the reliability of the communications link between devices and the central SCADA system. The intelligence of modern, all digital TDMA-based trunking standards that reliably manage system resources is the key to delivering combined mission critical voice and SCADA networks. At its core, Tait GridLink relies on the Tait DMR Tier III radio platform to provide an extremely reliable and robust communications link delivering market leading critical voice and packet data communications.

The capacity doubling effect of 2-slot TDMA combined with trunking resource management gives network operators new opportunities to:
- Prioritize network resources for voice or SCADA traffic.
- Reserve channel resources for voice or SCADA data so dynamic network loading does not impact the quality of essential services.
- Pre-empt call queues based on call priority and network loading - something DMR Tier II networks or equivalent technologies cannot do.

How does Tait GridLink work?
1 - SCADA communications are passed from the control application to the GridLink router, located on the DMR Node, and then transmitted via the DMR Base Stations to GridLink terminals at outstation sites.
2 - GridLink terminals forward the communications to the outstation RTU/IED and await an acknowledgement if appropriate.
3 - In the event of RF interference or data corruption, the GridLink system will automatically retransmit messages to deliver highly reliable SCADA communications.
4 - More than 50,000 GridLink data terminals may be provisioned on a single network (subject to channel capacity).The number of outstation RTUs and associated GridLink SCADA terminals supported by each logical DMR channel is dependent on several factors including number of outstations and frequency of status checks. For systems where outstation integrity checks are executed every 5 minutes, 40 outstations per logical channel are supported. These metrics assume no impact on voice call management and typical SCADA system times.
5 - Operator commands are transferred, executed and acknowledged in less than 1.5 seconds under both storm and normal operating conditions.

Tait Communications

Tait DMR is a digital communications platform that delivers commercial and worker safety benefits for mission critical users. With the capability to carry both voice and data, Tait DMR gives you a powerful combination of flexibility, control and resiliency. Tait DMR products adhere to the DMR Association's open standards, ensuring interoperability with other compliant equipment.

With nearly 50 years experience in radio, Tait are passionate about the future of critical communications. Technology is always changing, and this excites them because it means better results for their customers.

TD9300 Data Interface

The TD9300 terminal has multiple data interfaces and the intelligence to simplify wide area DMR based connectivity, integrate quickly and transparently support data communications. Download Specification >>

Tait Enable Management

Tait Enable is a revolutionary suite of software and hardware that places the control of your radio network firmly in the palm of your hands. Keeping track of your radio fleet can be an immense challenge. Who has each radio? When was the last firmware update? Is each piece of the network healthy and secure? How will you report the status of everything? Endless spreadsheets, meetings, car rides, and details surround radio managers. But that was the past, and Tait Enable is the future. Enable offers mission-critical organizations four unique tools to manage, monitor, protect, and report on your radio communications network.

Tait Enable Monitor

Real-time monitoring gives assurance that your network is operating as expected and allows you to minimize impact if problems occur. Proof that your network is operating efficiently It has never been easier to see what is happening on your Tait radio network. EnableMonitor has configurable viewing and reporting options to suit your specific network application, including topological maps, schematic diagrams and lists of devices. Download Specification >>

Tait Enable Report

Report on your radio network use over time, so you can ensure optimal performance. Download Specification >>


Get total visibility and management of your entire radio fleet from a central point of control. With EnableFleet, you can configure and manage your fleet of mobile and portable radios from one location, ensuring consistent, accurate, and reliable results. Updates and installations are now faster and easier than ever before.

Audio Accessories

This guide will introduce you to the different Tait audio accessories that we offer. You will find information on head sets, speaker microphones, and ear pieces. Download Accessories >>

Tait DMR Simulcast Networks

Tait DMR Tier3 and DMR Tier2 simulcast networks are IP-based digital systems that are specifically designed to provideTrunking or Conventional simulcast DMR critical communications over wide geographic areas.Download Specification >>

TP9361 IS Portables

The TP9361 Intrinsically Safe (IS) DMR portable is engineered to operate safely in hazardous environments, ensuring your people have communications they can depend on while they get the job done. Download Specification >>

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