Solar Power Products

Solar Arrays, Batteries, Inverters and Regulators

At CommSystems we’re proud of our ability to design turnkey systems to meet your needs; your industry, your team and your site. Working with a range of select manufacturers we can design and construct a power solution as part of your communications system and also to support other on-site systems. Our supply partner ABLESOLAR, Phocos and Battery Energy bring together the best in Solar Arrays, Batteries, Inverters and Regulators to fulfil your off grid projects.


ABLE SOLAR LTD specialises in Solar Water Pumping and Renewable Energy Systems utilising Solar and Wind powered generating equipment, storage batteries and control equipment. Able Solar was established in 1981 in Auckland.


Phocos is a world leading manufacturer of solar-powered charge controllers and various components for off-grid power supplies. Their product spectrum is wide, ranging from charge controllers to lighting systems to DC appliances.

Battery Energy

Established in 1987, Battery Energy are a specialist Battery developers. From the outset the objective was to develop a maintenance-free GEL battery technology which would substantially increase battery life in harsh climatic conditions.

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