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There’s no sector more central to modern lives and commerce than Utilities and keeping it running at optimum efficiency is part of our business.

Energy and utilities stand at the heart of modern life. Our job is to build systems that allow you to stay in touch with the situation on the ground and stay in control of the production process. Communications need to work on the small scale, across a site and then connect you back to the wider world. We’d consider lone worker protection, the ability to add user groups including emergency feaures as well as the possibility of adding process control and management information.

CommSystems have worked with many businesses in this sector and are ready to meet the unique challenges provided by remote and challenging locations. Our designs would generally centre around Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) taking advantage of the broad range of features it offers to users and its capacity for customisation. DMR leaves scope for integration with other communications technologies whilst allowing migration from older communications networks.

Communications products for every business

Technical experience and local knowledge

Working with a broad range of clients across the region we’ve got in depth engineering knowledge coupled with a precise understanding of the region’s needs.

Here to realise your plans

We understand that your plans may not be met with an off the shelf solution. We’ve the hardware and software knowledge to customise the manufacturer’s original designs.

A wide range of technology

From two way radio at every scale right through to Microwave & Radio Links and systems integration we can serve your business and meet its changing needs.

The right solution every time

We work with a range of manufacturers to enable us to offer solutions at every scale and we understand those products thoroughly.

Communication networks; designed for you, built by us and supporting your business into the future.