Systems Design Capabilities

We’re the catalyst between where you are and where you need to be. Our system design team will take technology forward, so it meets your needs.

Design in mind

We understand that the best solutions are often made just for you.

Hundreds of hours spent on designs, extending the capabilities of both hardware and software means we have the design and manufacturing skills to extend the original product, as manufactured, so that your specific needs can be met. This ‘no compromise’ approach to your requirements has led us to manufacture compact portable systems for fast deployment for use by Aid agencies and the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme). These were designed to meet the exacting requirements of their on the ground teams.

Similarly, we’ve created SCADA integrations to deal with the scenario where legacy interfacing has meant that, at least at first pass, systems appeared to be incompatible. That’s where our skills come in; working to remove those barriers; pushing technology to new solutions. We’ve similarly been excited to work on StrikeGuard Lightning early warning system; providing valuable life and business protection.

From concept through to construction

Understanding the architecture of each installation means we understand just how much further it can go.

Our hardware skills are matched with the ability to create custom software solutions. As much as we can extend and expand the capacity of hardware we can also take original software solutions forward into new territory. Our team can develop and integrate software applications, again to exceed and extend the original installation. Long-established ties to many manufacturers gives us the in-depth knowledge needed to make stable solutions.

CommSystems combined design and deployment skills means that we bring real world experience to every project; making sure your system is tailored to meet your exact operational requirements. From our initial consultation through to site surveys and coverage studies we bring the ability to marry technology with experience; manufacturers’ design specifications with the constraints of real world scenarios.

Going further

There’s so many parts that support a strong communications system. It’s good to understand them all.

Off the shelf systems will only take you to a certain point. CommSystems know that most users need much more than that to support their businesses. Our unique testing and service engineering facilities help to support systems in dynamic and remote locations; everything from mountainous reservoirs to forest terrain. Add to that our fundamental understanding of the engineering behind both software and hardware of all the major manufacturers and we can indeed make a significant difference to your business.

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Communication networks; designed for you, built by us and supporting your business into the future.