About Us

With offices, workshops and local teams in Laos, Cambodia and New Zealand we’re here to meet your communications needs.

From the start

Each new project begins with a specification or idea; identifying a need in your operation.

That might be to extend your current communications net – more sites, more people or more information. Maybe you’re looking for something completely new; the detail’s out there but still to be decided. CommSystems are here to join your team at this point; to make sense of the solutions offered up by current technology and take them forward with you.

Our engineers will start a dialogue with you; we’re here to work out what is needed. We can supply precision engineering to meet a specific need right through to large scale networks built to withstand future changes; CommSystems have the experience. Our team has a broad range of expertise at their disposal, this is built from many levels, from time spent working directly on installations to formal and continuing education. It's our job to stay at the front of all technical developments.

We supply and install equipment from a wide range of manufacturers and are authorised distributors for Tait across Laos and Cambodia.

Our team has experience working for manufacturers at their production facilities; as a result, we’re ideally placed to get the maximum from the equipment; engineering it to meet your precise needs and to go well beyond the original specifications. We’re experts at bespoke solutions; extending the original engineering to get much more from it.

From the very start in 1998 we’ve worked with systems from analog onwards; watched over the development of those systems and the digital networks that have grown up alongside them. Our specialist projects have taken in work in almost every landscape the region has to offer from forestry to mining.

CommSystems’ engineers and technicians have undertaken jobs for the aviation industry with the high levels of integration required there. The list goes on and the experience means we’re always ready to work with new technologies; we’ve built VSAT ground stations and have expertise in all aspects of VHF and UHF, microwave and IP links, telemetry, paging, guy masts and self-supporting towers, and that’s just the beginning.

We’re the catalyst between where you are and where you need to be. Our system design team will take technology forward, so it meets your needs.