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Our range of telemetry products from Salcom offers the opportunity for a great number of design solutions. Our training means that we’re often able to extend the originally functionality of any particular unit, reconfiguring it to more precisely your needs. Our engineering team draw on their experience and expertise to identify the best products for your exact communication network needs. They can provide custom systems including Salcom products as well as provision of spares and parts for expansion of existing networks. We’re also happy to answer any specific product enquiries.

4RF Narrow band point-to-multipoint radios for SCADA and telemetry

For a long distance point-to-point link, a smart point-to-multipoint wireless SCADA network, or both together, with unbeatable reliability and performance. The Aprisa smart radios support all analogue and digital interfaces for a wide variety of applications.

The Aprisa SR family provides narrow band point-to-multipoint radio communications, designed and optimised for SCADA and telemetry applications. The Aprisa SR provides up to 19.2 kbit/s capacity for everyday applications, with two Ethernet ports and one serial port. The Aprisa SR+ provides industry leading capacity of up to 120 kbit/s for more data-intensive applications, with four build-configurable ports for advanced flexibility.

Download SR Specifications    Download SR+ Specifications

Download SRi Specifications

MiMOMax - Smart Solutions for Linking Critical Network Infrastructure

Monitor multiple assets across your network without the time & expense of installing fiber or microwave. From flow measurement to monitoring pipelines and controllers, our PTMP networks utilize MIMO technology and full duplex communications to allow our customers to run more applications across the one network. The result? Visibility to the edge of the network and a greater return-on-investment on those assets.

MiMOMax Tornado MiMOMax Wireless delivers the next generation of high performance true MiMO narrowband remote radios for SCADA, Protection and Linking applications. MiMOMax Tornado is the market leader for narrowband throughput and functionality with a full duplex aggregate data rate of up to 640kb/s in 50kHz in its highest modulation mode.

Features include isolated power supply with low power consumption, full duplex operation with built in duplexers and supporting a combination of Ethernet and RS232 interfaces, with very high scalable data rates, remote over the air network management, optional SNMP,ModBus and DNP3 support and a very efficient random access protocol.

Operating in the licensed frequency bands between 136-174MHz, 400-470MHz & 806-960MHz , 700Mhz Upper A-Block and VHF ,with a wide temperature operating range and optional waterproof outdoor mount. The Tornado enables unrivalled performance while maintaining MiMOMax’s renowned reputation for reliability and operational efficiency.

Download Tornado Specifications

Download Tornado VHF (136 to 174MHz) Specifications

MiMOMax Pyxis Sharing common features and interfaces with our high spec Tornado radio, Pyxis has been designed to operate either as a stand-alone radio or to be deployed alongside Tornado as a Tier II endpoint in a multi-tier network. Offering network auto discovery for fast deployment and utilizing sophisticated data compression techniques to optimize data throughput in narrowband channels.

Features include Dual serial ports, a GPIO port, Power over Ethernet and wide input power range (from 10.5-60 volts). Data acceleration via sophisticated data compression techniques to increase bandwidth. Sophisticated Network Management incorporating Over-the-air programming, Fault Management, Configuration, Administration performance and Security.

Unlike many radios on the market, the Pyxis offers a very wide input power range – from 10.5 volts to 60 volts. Making the radio suitable across sites with varying input power supplies, the benefit of this wide range is that fewer spares need to be carried as they are more readily interchangeable.

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Salcom Solutions for SCADA and Telemetry

Salcom has been entrusted many times to protect people’s lives by providing reliable radio hardware and software for Fire, Ambulance, Hospital and Police services. The same dependable products used for these systems are also used for solutions in irrigation, water and sewage control/telemetry, security, industrial control, lighting and many more. Products designed to save lives need to offer super-dependable performance for many years in any application.

Applications available to support the Salcom hardware include: Event Notifications, Remote Monitoring, Lighting control, Pump Control, Door / gate Control, Environmental & Emergency Services.

The Selcom range covers 12-38-0000 transceiver is capable of accurate control and telemetry over long distances. Designed to be used in hostile environments it can withstand temperature extremes as well as being resilient to electrical noise often found in industrial plants. The transceiver, along with its integrated input/output interface, is designed for the control and telemetry of industrial machines with high accuracy and speed.

The on-board SD card is used to store the configuration of the unit for easy swap-out, and can be also store log and audio wave files. The unit could be made to respond to an event by seizing a radio channel and broadcasting the wave file audio. Anyone carrying a radio transceiver could receive the message. The 12-38-0000 is a 5 watt analogue transceiver with POCSAG capability for both transmitting and receiving and comes in two variants, a VHF (136-174 MHz) or UHF (440-470 MHz). All parameters are programmable such as frequency, power output, deviation, POCSAG data transmission, etc..

The USB port, or the RS232 serial port, can be used to initiate paging transmissions using the SALCOM proprietary protocol, Paging Entry Protocol (PET) or Telocator Alphanumeric Protocol (TAP) PG1 protocol.

Download 12-38-0000 VHF/UHF Transceiver Sheet

The 12-62 Series transmitters are available as VHF and UHF units with user-programmable power outputs ranging from 50 milliwatts to 4 watts. Using programming software, each model can be tuned across its full frequency range with no hardware adjustments. They are capable of operating as NRZ or POCSAG transmitters. The built-in POCSAG encoder can be enabled or disabled as required. In addition to a direct/RS232 buffered serial port, an on-board USB port enhances the range of applications to which the transmitter can be applied. Input/Output expansion is also possible via an internal.

The USB and RS232 ports can be used to initiate paging transmissions using the Salcom proprietary protocol, Paging Entry Protocol (PET) or Telocator Alphanumeric Protocol (TAP) PG1 protocol. These ports can be used concurrently making it possible to connect a telephone interface unit and still initiate paging transmissions via the USB port. Four discrete inputs are supported which may be used to initiate relay commands for remote control applications. For paging applications a different pre-programmed message can be assigned to an input on high and/or low transition. The unit also supports low voltage detection on the power input.

Configuration of the transmitter is performed via the USB port or the serial port using an intuitive Salcom programming application which allows for the setting of all operational parameters. The 12-62 is housed in an attractive, durable extruded aluminium case with provision on the base plate for wall mounting.

Download 12-62-0000 VHF/UHF Transceiver Sheet

The 12-76 is a versatile telemetry module which is capable of being utilised in an enormous range of applications including irrigation and pumping control, building monitoring and security, sewerage, industrial and agricultural systems. The 12-76 offers 8 digital and 8 analog (variable) inputs with 8 digital and 2 analog outputs. It operates over conventional radio systems or voice-grade landline circuits depending upon the installed options.

In addition to the dedicated RS232 serial port provided for connection to external equipment, there is provision to plug in an increasing range of optional modules providing compatibility with a variety of communications devices. Some of these are: Modem Module This module allows for direct connection to all SALCOM radios and may be connected to other brands provided that suitable Audio In, Audio Out, PTT and Busy connection points are available. This can also be factory configured for line communication. Spread Spectrum Radio Module This module provides UHF communications between 12-76 units or other compatible devices without the need for an external radio. Serial Module This module provides an additional RS232 serial port.

Eight Buffered Digital Inputs: When activated by pulling to ground, each input will source approximately 2.4 milliamps.
Eight Digital Outputs: Each output is presented as one pair of clean relay contacts (a switch) which can handle 1 at 24 Volts. Greater loads can be controlled by using the output to switch a higher rated relay.
Eight Analog Inputs: Up to 20 Volts may be applied to these inputs, each of which has an associated trim-pot to calibrate the output of the A to D converter. When used “back-to-back” with the analog outputs of another 12-76, only inputs 1 and 2 are used, with a resolution of 10 bits (1024 steps).
Download Telemetry Unit Sheet

Using the 12-84 Relay Receiver, devices can be controlled remotely by sending commands from a portable or fixed location paging transmitter or wide area paging network to switch relays on or off. It is available in two versions, a VHF 12-84-7150 and a UHF 12-84-7450. The unit receives and decodes a numeric or alphanumeric pager call. If the received unit number matches the 12-84 unit number or group number, the relays are switched as commanded by the message. The receiver is supplied with two clean contact relays rated at 1A 24V DC operation. LED's indicate receiver operation and the relays' status. Two additional open collector outputs are also provided.

Normally closed and normally open relay contacts are available and the relays can be individually programmed for latching or momentary operation. The 12-84 is an economic solution for basic remote control applications where only one or two switched outputs are required. Should a greater number of relays be required, this can be achieved using the Salcom 12-34 Relay Output Module which provides another four relays. This module can be "daisy chained" to allow any number of relays to be controlled. Network paging messages can be monitored on a PC (using software such as Salcom's VisualPET paging software) using an optional cable to connect the computer to the 12-84 programming connector.
Download Relay Unit Sheet

Operating over a frequency range of 400-440MHz and 450-500MHz, the Salcom 11-99 Power Amplifier provides up to 25 Watts of power from a 4 Watt input. The 11-99 covers the full switching bandwidth without retuning with 20 Watts minimum output. The power sense operates with a minimum of 1 Watt input and switches both the power and aerial relays. It will operate satisfactorily with as little as 1 Watt input power, where it will give approximately 10 Watts out.

A 2dB 50Ω input matching pad allows for connection to a wide range of driving devices without the risk of instability. In the receive mode, the 11-99 will pass a receive signal with less than 2dB attenuation. The high pass filter is in circuit in the receive mode. The three stage aerial filter attenuates spurious emissions to less than -30dBm. The 11-99 is protected against accidental power connection reversal. The green LED operates at all times with the power connected, and the red transmit LED operates only when the 11-99 is switched to the transmit mode.
Download Power Amplifier Sheet

Salcom / 4RF

Salcom's expertise is knowing how to get a radio signal from A to B, whether the distance is 100 metres or 100 kilometres. Deriving from Tait Radio Communications, the iconic and global New Zealand communications company

4RF Founded in 1998 by radio experts with many years experience in telecommunications and the microwave radio industry, 4RF is now a global company, with customers in more than 140 countries, in multiple industries.

MiMOMax Wireless Limited

MiMOMax Wireless Limited (MWL) is a spin-off company from the Advanced Wireless Research Group at Tait Electronics Limited (TEL). It was co-founded by Paul Daigneault and Doug McConnell (CTO) in 2007 and since been consistently expanding into new markets in an attempt to advance MiMOMax technology. MWL services a large international customer base, including United Kingdom, United States, Australia and Middle East to name a few.

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