P25 Digital Radio Products

Product range includes - Portables, Mobiles, Repeaters / Base Stations and Systems.

P25 Phase 1 and Phase 2 Communications

Our engineering team draw on their experience and expertise to identify the best products for your exact communication network needs. They are able to provide custom systems including P25 products as well as provision of spares and parts for expansion of existing networks. We’re also happy to answer any specific product enquiries.
P25 is driven by its users, public safety officials and others with similar requirements; the international standard represented by P25 is under constant development as needs are identified and met. The successful features of P25 are matched with its ability to play a crucial role in migration strategies. The technology is compatible with both newer and older communication standards; digital P25 has an analog mode of operation that works with existing FM radio equipment. Multiple manufacturers can accredit their devices for interoperability thanks to the Project 25 standards. Phase 1 radio systems operate in 12.5 kHz digital mode using FDMA. P25 Phase 2 was developed for trunking systems using a 2-slot TDMA scheme providing two 6.25 kHz-equivalent channels.

P25 - TP9400 Portables

The TP9400 P25 Phase 2 portable series gives you more efficient networks and more possibilities. With multiple operating modes, safety-enhancing features, and a rugged, robust design, the TP9400 is engineered to meet the demanding standards of the public safety industry.

The Tait TP9400 series offer features such as Tait Tough durability, multiple operating modes, internal GPS, Man Down and Lone Worker functionality, and AES encryption capability, giving users complete confidence in their portable communications.

Rugged, tough build
The robust, Tait Tough design of the TP9400 series offers IP67 sealing and shock absorbing impact-protected corners, exceeds relevant MIL-STD-810G standards, and features a water-shedding grille which aids voice clarity in wet environments.

Improved user safety
Safety is the top priority for Public Safety organizations around the world. Ensure the safety of your first responders with TP9400 capabilities such as clear voice, location services, Man Down & Lone Worker functionality, AES encryption capability, and radio inhibit and uninhibit to allow management of lost or stolen radios.

True interoperability for more choices
Interoperability with adherence to the P25 standards gives your organization greater vendor choice and increased competition.

Simplified, secure management
The TP9400 series supports security-focused fleet management with Over-the-air Rekeying (OTAR) and Tait Key Fill Device (KFD) capabilities.

Increased user efficiency
The TP9400 series offers features that help increase operational effectiveness, including voice and data, simulcast support and pre-set status messages.

Frequency Bands
VHF 136-174MHz,
UHF 400-470MHz, UHF 450-520MHz,
700/800MHz from 762-870MHz

The Toughest Portables in the Industry
Military Standards for high humidity, sand & dust, vibration, shock, rain, solar radiation, and more. IP68 & IP65 water and dust resistant. Operating temperature of -22ºFto+140ºF(-30ºCto+60ºC)

Output Power
VHF: 5W, 3W, 2W, 1W
UHF: 4W, 2.5W, 2W, 1W
700/800MHz: 3W,2.5W,2W,1W

1,000 channels/50 zones
(2,000 channels/100 zones optional enhancement with software license)

P25 - TM9400 Mobiles

Tait P25 mobile radios are designed for use in challenging conditions and offer industry-leading digital audio clarity, superb usability, and safe, secure communications. Our mobiles are available with a wide range of features, giving public safety organizations more possibilities and creating more efficient networks.

The Tait TM9400 is a high-performing, flexible and robust mobile radio that delivers high quality audio and intuitive operation. Multiple modes of operation include analog, P25 Phase 1 conventional, P25 Phase 1 trunked, and P25 Phase 2 Trunked. Supercharge your communications with UnifyVehicle, available on the TM9400.

Improve user safety
To enhance user safety, the TM9400 series features Lone Worker, a covert microphone and stealth emergency modes as standard. Its rugged build with an IP54 rating, water-resistant control head, and exceeding relevant MIL-STD-810G mean that users can rely on it in extreme conditions.

Safe, secure communications
For operational security, the TM9400 supports end-to-end encryption (including AES), the Tait Key Fill Device (KFD) and Over-the-air Rekeying (OTAR).

Choice and interoperability
With adherence to the P25 standards, the TM9400 series offers your organization greater vendor choice, leading to increased competition and interoperability. It also supports flexible expansion via an options slot for additional capabilities.

Ease of migration
Each TM9400 features multiple modes of operation, including analog, analog simulcast IP, 12.5kHz P25 Phase 1 FDMA conventional/trunked, P25 Phase 2 TDMA trunked and LSM (CQPSK) decode capability. This supports easy migration to a more spectrally efficient solution when your organization is ready, while reducing risk. It also operates in VHF and 700/800MHz frequency bands.

Work your way
The TM9400 series allows you to work the way that suits you best. With multiple configuration options, upgradability to UnifyVehicle, software licenses for additional features, and programmable function keys, the TM9400 is an efficient addition to any organization.

Frequency Bands
VHF: 136-174MHz,
UHF: 400-470MHz, 450-520MHz,
700/800MHz: 762–870MHz

Tait Tough
Military Standards for high humidity, sand & dust, vibration, shock, rain, solar radiation, and more. IP54 water and dust resistant. Operating temperature of -22°F to +140°F (-30°C to +60°C).

Output Power
VHF: 25W, 12W, 5W, 1W; 50W, 25W, 15W, 10W
UHF: 25W, 12W, 5W, 1W; 40W, 25W, 15W, 10W
700/800MHz: [806MHz: 30W, 15W, 5W, 2W; ] 806MHz: 35W, 15W, 5W, 2W

1,000 channels/50 zones (2,000 channels/100 zones optional enhancement with software license)

P25 - TB9400 Phase 2 (TDMA) Base Station/Repeaters

The Tait TB9400 delivers on cost effective deployment and operational efficiency. P25 Phase 2 provides for spectral efficiency, Linear Simulcast Modulation (LSM) for greater coverage, and remote network management for effective operations.

Ease of migration
To ensure a smooth migration from Analog to P25 Phase 1 to P25 Phase 2, the TB9400 features Analog-Simulcast IP, 12.5kHz P25 Phase 1 FDMA operation, and P25 Phase 2 TDMA trunked operation.

P25 open standards compliant
Designed for mission-critical operations, the TB9400 is P25 open-standards compliant, ensuring interoperability with other agencies and enabling greater choice for a mission-critical communications solution to best meet your requirements.

Efficient network management
The TB9400 features remote management and monitoring options including inbuilt diagnostics and access level control, multiple user accounts, remote fault diagnosis, and detailed alarm monitoring and management via IP.

The TB9400 provides operation in 700/800MHz and VHF bands. Its modular design and IP connectivity provide flexibility in network design and scalability, allowing your network to easily expand to suit the needs of your organization.

Secure communications
The extensive remote management and monitoring options supported by the TB9400 have a focus on security, ensuring data and communications remain confidential.

Reliability you can depend on
The TB9400 is MIL-STD designed and tested for reliability to mitigate network outages. With its intelligence and reliability, the TB9400 base station is the cornerstone of a Tait P25 Phase 2 system; helping to keep your staff safe and your organization running to its full potential.

Frequency Bands
VHF: 148-174 MHz,
UHF: 400-440 MHz, 440-480MHz and 470-520MHz,
700/800MHz: 762-776 and 850-870 MHz; 792-824 MHz (receive only)

Tait Tough
Military Standards for altitude, humidity, vibration and shock. Operating temperature of -22ºF to +140ºF (-30ºC to +60ºC).

Output Power
100 W: Programmable 10-100 W (in 1 W steps)
50 W: Programmable 5-50 W (in 1 W steps)


Dimensions (DxWxH) 15.8 x 19 x 7 in (400.5 x 482.6 x176.8 mm) 4U rack space

P25 - TB9100 Base Station/Repeaters

The TB9100 base station/repeater is renowned for its built-in intelligence, flexible dual-mode operation and reliability, making it an easy choice for seamless migration from analog to P25 Phase 1 digital.

Intelligent and reliable
The TB9100 offers built-in test equipment for self-monitoring, with local and remote logging of alarms, ensuring any issue with your system is recognized and addressed immediately. It also ensures continuity of service with smart AC/DC switching.

Flexible and interoperable
The TB9100 offers operation in VHF, UHF and 700/800MHz bands, and it is tested for interoperability and performance in a P25 Compliance Assessment Program (P25 CAP) recognized laboratory.

Cost-saving efficiency
With remote programming and software licenses, the TB9100 reduces the need for site visits and hardware upgrades. IP connection provides ease of diagnostics – connect and configure alerts and alarms, monitor performance and administer the site remotely.

Frequency Bands
VHF: 136-174MHz, UHF: 380-520MHz,
700/800MHz: 762-870MHz

Tait Tough
Operating temperature of -22°F to 140°F (-30°C to 60°C).

Output Power
Single 1/5W Base Station System
Single 5/50W Base Station System
Single 10/100W Base Station System

Dimensions: (DxWxH)
HxWxD (subrack only) 7in (177.8mm) x 19in (482.6mm) x 15.2in (386mm)
HxWxD (including front panel) 7in (177.8mm) x 19in (482.6mm) x 16.1in (409mm)


P25 - Transportable Base Station/Repeater

The rugged P25 transportable base station/repeater is designed for mission-critical use in disasters, tactical missions and at crime scenes to ensure worker and community safety and the security of communications and tactical operations. Extend your current P25 wide area coverage or set up a dedicated communications network on-site in minutes with the Tait P25 transportable repeater.

Intelligent and reliable
Powered by external battery or mains (18-30V), the transportable base station/repeater features smart AC/DC switching, ensuring continuity of service.

The transportable repeater operates in VHF, UHF and 700/800MHz bands. It also offers dual mode interoperability for seamless switching between analog and P25 digital, and is also available as analog FM TB8100.

High-performing and secure
The transportable repeater delivers all of the trusted features of the TB9100 base stations. It also supports remote monitoring via the built-in Task Manager, which allows you to administer the unit remotely, including configuring alerts and monitoring RF performance.

Tough and robust
The transportable repeater comes in a rugged, waterproof Pelican briefcase and a reinforced aluminium chassis, with available color options so that you can choose a color that best suits the application.

Frequency Bands
VHF: 136–174MHz, UHF: 380–520MHz,
700/800MHz: 762–870MHz

Tait Tough
Operating temperature of -22°F to 140°F (-30°C to 60°C).

Output Power
Single 50W Repeater - factory set to 15W

Dimensions: (DxWxH)
Dimensions (HxWxD) 7.6in x 15.4in x 20.3in (192mm x 392mm x 515mm)
Weight 44lbs (20kg)


P25 - TN9400 Trunked Core Network

Tait P25 TN9400 trunked networks are IP-based digital systems specifically designed to provide P25 open standards compliant mission-critical communications over wide geographic areas. Our trunked networks are extremely resilient, with multiple levels of redundancy for reliable communications. For those seeking a single supplier for system supply and support, we can provide you with complete network maintenance and enhancement.

Flexible, cost-saving design
The TN9400 offers both P25 Phase 1 trunked and trunked simulcast operation, and supports P25 Phase 2 operation (with the TB9400). The trunked Analog Gateway (TAG) enables connection to legacy analog consoles. This provides a cost-effective infrastructure to meet your communication and operational needs now and in the future.

Operational efficiency
The TN9400 supports remote management for greater operational efficiency. Data transmission is supported over a standards based IP data pipe. Maximum site spacing with Linear Simulcast Modulation (LSM) (used with the TB9400).

P25 standards compliant
The TN9400 follows the P25 open standards compliance, and allows expansion via P25 open standard interfaces: CSSI and ISSI

Modes of operation
Phase 1: P25 Phase 1, P25 Phase 1 trunked simulcast, P25 Phase 1 trunked LSM
Phase 2: P25 Phase 2 trunked, P25 Phase 2 simulcast

Interfaces supported
Phase 1: CSSI, ISSI, Trunked Analog Gateway (TAG)
Phase 2: CSSI

Number of sites/channels per site
Phase 1: Up to 28 physical sites distributed over up to 20 logical sites/23 traffic channels per site, plus control channel Phase 2:

Subscriber management
Add/remove single/multiple subscribers. Customize call type permissions. Add/remove multiple talk groups and Add an announcement call group/system call group

Total number of radios supported

Tait Communications

Tait are dedicated to designing and delivering superior P25 solutions that are robust, interoperable, and secure. With a range of both P25 Phase 1 and Phase 2 open standard-based elements, Tait can provide complete end-to-end solutions to meet your unique organizational requirements.

With nearly 50 years experience in radio, Tait are passionate about the future of critical communications. Technology is always changing, and this excites them because it means better results for their customers.

P25 Phase 1 and Phase 2 Simulcast Networks

Available in both conventional and trunked, Tait simulcast networks require fewer frequencies, provide superior coverage and deliver seamless voting you can rely on. Our experienced engineers use industry-recognized TSB-88 based prediction modeling methodology and intelligent GPS modeling to deliver the ultimate in redundancy. We can also provide trunked LSM, allowing better performance in the cross-over zones of a simulcast system.

TB9100 Transportable Repeater

The rugged P25 transportable base station/repeater is designed for mission-critical use in disasters, tactical missions and at crime scenes to ensure worker and community safety and the security of communications and tactical operations. Download Specification >>

Audio Accessories

This guide will introduce you to the different Tait audio accessories that we offer. You will find information on head sets, speaker microphones, and ear pieces. Download Accessories >>

Tait Enable Management

Tait Enable is a revolutionary suite of software and hardware that places the control of your radio network firmly in the palm of your hands. Keeping track of your radio fleet can be an immense challenge. Who has each radio? When was the last firmware update? Is each piece of the network healthy and secure? How will you report the status of everything? Endless spreadsheets, meetings, car rides, and details surround radio managers. But that was the past, and Tait Enable is the future. Enable offers mission-critical organizations four unique tools to manage, monitor, protect, and report on your radio communications network.

Tait Enable Monitor

Real-time monitoring gives assurance that your network is operating as expected and allows you to minimize impact if problems occur. Proof that your network is operating efficiently It has never been easier to see what is happening on your Tait radio network. EnableMonitor has configurable viewing and reporting options to suit your specific network application, including topological maps, schematic diagrams and lists of devices. Download Specification >>

Tait Enable Report

Report on your radio network use over time, so you can ensure optimal performance. Download Specification >>


Get total visibility and management of your entire radio fleet from a central point of control. With EnableFleet, you can configure and manage your fleet of mobile and portable radios from one location, ensuring consistent, accurate, and reliable results. Updates and installations are now faster and easier than ever before.

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