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We’re proud of our ability to design systems to meet your needs; your industry, your team and your site. Each site, no matter how large or small brings its own specific challenges. Limitations of geography and landscape are where microwave and radio links and antennas and all their associated infrastructure come into their own. Working with a range of manufacturers we can design and construct a solution to meet your needs.

4RF - Point-to-point link and smart point-to-multipoint wireless network

For a long distance point-to-point link, a smart point-to-multipoint wireless SCADA network, or both together, with unbeatable reliability and performance. The Aprisa smart radios support all analogue and digital interfaces for a wide variety of applications.

The Aprisa SR family provides narrow band point-to-multipoint radio communications, designed and optimised for SCADA and telemetry applications. The Aprisa SR provides up to 19.2 kbit/s capacity for everyday applications, with two Ethernet ports and one serial port. The Aprisa SR+ provides industry leading capacity of up to 120 kbit/s for more data-intensive applications, with four build-configurable ports for advanced flexibility.

Download SR Specifications    Download SR+ Specifications

Download SRi Specifications

The long haul wireless link of choice in over 130 countries Long haul, high-performing, flexible point-to-point microwave link, available in multiple frequency bands below 3 GHz, providing up to 65 Mbit/s capacity.

The Aprisa XE is engineered for maximum performance. Maximum transmitter performance using highly linear Class A LDMOS devices delivers clean undistorted output power. Carefully matched low noise amplifiers produce excellent receiver sensitivity. The designs operate without degrading the performance of the complex modulation. This attention to system signal to noise means a greater system gain, which contributes to the long distance links the Aprisa XE can achieve.

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Aprisa LE: maximizing spectrum use and making challenging long distance links possible. A single Aprisa LE can link distances in excess of 80 miles, overcoming the problems of water, environmental conditions and topographical obstacles. The Aprisa LE has a low total cost of ownership, providing a rapid return on investment by minimizing both capital and operational expenditure.

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AVIAT Networks - Integrated microwave routing solutions

70+ years of industry experience, Aviat Networks knows microwave networking better than anyone. We have the expertise to solve your most pressing challenges. leading customer support capabilities will deliver proven results where it matters. Trust our experts with your most important network challenges. CommSystems partnering with AVIAT will work with you at every level for your microwave system; from an initial consultation to establish your needs, through the design stages and on to installation and ongoing maintenance.

  • Microwave Routers & Microwave Switches
  • Split mount RF units
  • Indoor and Outdoor Radios
  • Network management
  • Antenna Stabilization systems

CTR is a new concept that merges the functionality of an indoor microwave modem unit and a cell site router into a single integrated solution, simplifying IP/MPLS deployments and creating a better performing network.

What is IP/MPLS microwave?
IP/MPLS microwave integrates routing capability into microwave devices. With integrated IP/MPLS microwave solutions from Aviat Networks, operators can save costs, improve network performance, simply operations, and enable new services.

Full feature microwave routing The CTR 8300 is a smaller version of the industry-leading CTR 8540 microwave router, with the same unique integration of microwave and networking features and up to 1 Gbps of data throughput in a single radio channel. Where space is a premium, but high capacity and advanced networking features are still necessary, the CTR 8300 delivers multiple deployment options because of its passive-cooling packaging for both rack and non-rack installations such as in rooftop enclosures and street-side cabinets.

The Eclipse™ Packet Node Intelligent Node Unit (INU) is a highly modular and scalable indoor unit with proven reliability, currently running in some of the largest, most critical networks in the world. Advanced Carrier Ethernet/IP intelligence

Eclipse INU incorporates a carrier-grade Ethernet switch that provides traffic classification, QoS traffic priority assignment, VLAN support, and Ethernet optimization for improved throughput. Synchronization options Synch-E (G.8262) and IEEE1588v2 support flexible network growth from hybrid TDM to all-IP networking. Hybrid architecture.

Eclipse enables network migration through comprehensive Hybrid TDM+IP architecture, with full native support for legacy TDM (DS1/DS3 and OC3) and new Ethernet/IP traffic, without encapsulation or emulation, for maximum efficiency and lowest latency.

Ultra Efficient, High Capacity Space Diversity links for the toughest deployment challenges. The WTM 4500 is a new configuration option for Aviat’s market-leading WTM 4000 all-outdoor, high-capacity microwave platform. It specifically addresses applications that require ultra-reliable links over long and difficult paths, such as over flat desert terrains or over large bodies of water, where highly reflective conditions can play havoc with a microwave link, potentially causing extended outages.

The usual method to counter these adverse conditions is to deploy links with space diversity, where a second receiving antenna enables the automatic selection of the best and error-free received signal. This normally requires the deployment of a complete second radio at each end of the link, increasing costs, tower loading and installation complexity.

MiMOMax - Smart Solutions for Linking Critical Network Infrastructure

MiMOMax specializes in ultra-high spectral efficiency and very low latency, long range wireless solutions for mission-critical applications including SCADA, Power Line Protection, PMR Linking and/or IP Backhaul Linking. MiMOMax products are designed to operate in licensed frequencies occupying narrowband RF channels. Initial offerings include frequency bands between 400-470MHz, 700MHz Upper A-Block, 806-960MHz and VHF. However, additional frequencies are available upon request. Please contact MiMOMax for details regarding available frequencies, bandwidths and compliances for your specific application.

MiMOMax Tornado MiMOMax Wireless delivers the next generation of high performance true MiMO narrowband remote radios for SCADA, Protection and Linking applications. MiMOMax Tornado is the market leader for narrowband throughput and functionality with a full duplex aggregate data rate of up to 640kb/s in 50kHz in its highest modulation mode.

Features include isolated power supply with low power consumption, full duplex operation with built in duplexers and supporting a combination of Ethernet and RS232 interfaces, with very high scalable data rates, remote over the air network management, optional SNMP,ModBus and DNP3 support and a very efficient random access protocol.

Operating in the licensed frequency bands between 136-174MHz, 400-470MHz & 806-960MHz , 700Mhz Upper A-Block and VHF ,with a wide temperature operating range and optional waterproof outdoor mount. The Tornado enables unrivalled performance while maintaining MiMOMax’s renowned reputation for reliability and operational efficiency.

Download Tornado Specifications

Download Tornado VHF (136 to 174MHz) Specifications

Antenna Range MiMOMax specializes in dual polarised MiMO antennas that are designed primarily for long paths and harsh terrains.


  • Dual Polarised Loop Yagi
  • Multi-Element MiMO Antennas
  • Low Profile Panel Antennas
  • Dual Polarised Panel Antennas
  • Collinear Omni Directional Antenna
  • 400Mhz

    • Dual Polarised Loop Yagi
    • Multi-Element MiMO Antennas
    • Low Profile 450MHz Panel Antennas
    • Dual Polarised Panel Antennas
    • Collinear Omni Directional Antenna
    • 700MHz

      • 4dBi Omnidirectional Antenna
      • 6dBi Omnidirectional Antenna
      • 16dBi MiMO Panel Antenna
      • Dual Polarised 700MHz Compact Panel Antenna
      • 750-800MHz Compact Panel Antenna
      • 900MHz

        • 900MHz Omni Directional Antenna
        • MiMOMax 900MHz Panel Antenna

MiMOMax Software Feature Enablers (SFEs) are optional advanced software features for enhancing the performance of a standard MiMOMax radio. These are easily configured via MiMOMax CCMS; a web-based network management software that allows easy and secure access to radio configuration, calibration and alarm functions. Having three optional operational modes: Local, Remote (through the local Ethernet port) and Remote Over-The-Air, tasks that can be performed via CCMS include:

Download Software Catalogue

Aviat / 4RF

Aviat Networks is the trusted expert in microwave networking Aviat exists to provide dependable products, services, and support to our customers and is the trusted expert in microwave networking. Better solutions from experts you can trust, Aviat enables the highest performing networks, simplest operations, and best customer experiences.

4RF Founded in 1998 by radio experts with many years experience in telecommunications and the microwave radio industry, 4RF is now a global company, with customers in more than 140 countries, in multiple industries.

MiMOMax Wireless Limited

MiMOMax Wireless Limited (MWL) is a spin-off company from the Advanced Wireless Research Group at Tait Electronics Limited (TEL). It was co-founded by Paul Daigneault and Doug McConnell (CTO) in 2007 and since been consistently expanding into new markets in an attempt to advance MiMOMax technology. MWL services a large international customer base, including United Kingdom, United States, Australia and Middle East to name a few.

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